Saturday, February 25, 2012

3 years cancer free

Well today 3 years ago I had a radical hysterectomy for endometrial cancer. Boy have things changed since then
I was told I had a 40-70% chance of a 3 year survival and here I am.
I really do not thing anyone can really understand the feeling of being told this sort of thing. The whole thing about cancer is really a big waiting game, the more time you can put between the cancer and the present the greater your chances of having beat it.

Not a lot of plans for today, but Ken and I have taken a week of holiday time and are going to vancouver to the wine festival. We have met a couple who tends to be as adventurist as we are, or more. We all go out every Sunday snowshoeing for HOURS. Last week it was 4.5 hours and over 1000 feet in elevation. So while in Vancouver we are going to do some sort of physical activity every day, and then go and eat and drink and be merry.

Our house is nearly finished and we are getting more settled all the time. It is hard to describe the incredible feeling of putting things in places, with NO QUestion in my mind of whether I would be soon moving them again. We are calling this our " final resting place".
We are both working just down the road at a small clinic. Ken works 3 days a week and I work 2. I am sort of the administrator as well and seem to have lots of things to do on other days as well.

I have several hundred plants growing in the greenhouse, getting ready for spring. This year I worked VERY hard at holding off planting tomatoes, so instead I planted perennials.
So I have lupins, hollyhocks, lavender, poppies, butterfly flowers and columbine growing, ... some better than others. (columbine takes FOREVER to germinate)

I have also started artichokes and celery. I am hoping to have TONS of flowers at the front of the property, so perhaps the neighbours who are obsessed with lawns might not frown so much on our yard.

We have done a lot of the work on the house ourselves, such as the flooring, shelving, tiling etc, so we are looking forward to having NOTHING to do one of these days.

Our dogs are still with us, Rex is going on 16 this year and has weakness in his hind end, and so at times is unable to get up. NO PROBLEM..... he is also getting stress incontinence and so is wearing a Kotex pad held on by a waist band. We just use the waist band to pick him up with. I think it is a BIT embarrassing for Chewy... though.
Rex just still seems happy and frisky at times.....

Life carries on.....
We really miss all of our friends in Oregon and I think often of them, and wish we were not so far away. We are planning a trip down there this year, details to still be worked out.