Monday, September 19, 2011

Movin on up

To the east side......
Well sort of.
We have (for all intensive purposes) moved into our new house. The "intensive purposes are: sleeping, and watching our one tv show an evening.
So far our house has been drywalled and much of it has been painted.
Our friend Vinnie is coming back up from Oregon to finish the tiling projects.
We have this huge basement and so have almost emptied the storage unit (one more small trip), into our basement. This has a huge sentimental importance to us.
Our stuff is in it "final resting place".
We left Bandon formally in June 2010, informally in January 2010. We made trips weekly to move more stuff into our Eugene house. We worked to get everything settled in Eugene, until last January when we decided to move back to Canada. So once again we packed everything up in boxes, numbering each one (for border crossing)
We moved half our stuff into a furnished rental house in Chase, and the other half in a storage facility. THEN in April we moved ourselves and half of our stuff out to our property, into an RV and 2 large sheds. (we left half the stuff at the storage facility in Chase).
Getting settled into a house is a big deal, and we feel we have done it several times over the past several years, and it is hard, emotionally, when it keeps changing.
How the bathroom is going to look, where the pictures will be hung?

SOOOO this is why we are so excited this time, we really cannot foresee any reason that we will leave here. We have good job situations, our kids live nearby (for better or worse). Our parents live about 4 hours drive away from here (each in a different direction ).

Ken's father died about a month ago. It seems he had a heart attack about a month before that, and then a series of blacking out episodes, that in the end turned out to be heart arrhythmia's.
It was very sad, but in the end he went very quickly, and so that was a blessing.

Our older son Dylan was in a dirt bike accident, running straight into a tree. We are very indebted to the friend whom he was riding with.
Dylan had a head injury and when his head hit the tree, (though he was wearing helmet), he went into a seizure and lost consciousness for about 15 minutes.
His friend wrestled to get his helmet off, made certain his tongue was not blocking his airway and literally carried him back to the truck, then took him to the hospital. He sustained a small bleed to the subdural part of his brain. He was confused for the first day or so, but then he was fine mentally. He also fractured his scaphoid bone, which is a bone in the wrist that can be a real toughy to heal. It is elongated, and only has one blood supply, and so if the fracture goes through the middle of the bone, there is a part of the bone that has no blood supply. If it does not heal, it can become a serious chronic pain issue as well as hinder the ability to move the wrist. Since Dylan is a plumber this is kind of a big deal. So he has a cast from his finger tips all the way to his arm pit, something that is very hard on him. Nonetheless, he played paintball this past weekend and is back to work. So we will be anxious to see the xrays at the end of this month. (he likely will need a cast for at least 3 months)
If anyone is interested..... (we are not),... his bike is fine....

Our garden has been incredible we have about 15 quarts of tomato sauce, 40 pints of dilly beans, 10 quarts of pickled beets. I have started just freezing the tomatoes, but we do not have a freezer until thursday and so am hoping that the weather will hold out a few more days, as there are tons of tomatoes left to be harvested. Our new house has a cold room where we will have boxes of carrots. Potatoes did not work out well, and we did not own this place soon enough to get a crop of garlic.
We have about 40 pepper plants and they are each loaded with about 20 peppers.
THe really big lessen I learned this summer in my garden is to try to avoid cross pollination.
I planted several types of winter squash, pumpkins etc... and I now have a wild assortment of unrecognizable squashes....
Also I planted several varieties of peppers and the plants have a variety of colours on each plant. The problem is that the ones that are the "wrong" colour, are also smaller and odd shaped, and many of them unusable. So next year I will have to expand if I am going to have different varieties of the same plant.
I did get several cantaloupe, but I do not think that the warm weather will hold out long enough to ripen them.
The peppers I am going to grill/blacken and then freeze.

Our house has a full kitchen, as far as cabinets etc, however the sinks are not hooked up to anything (son...paintball).... so no plumbing got done this weekend.
The appliances are arriving on Thursday, and so hopefully a very functional kitchen by next weekend.
Since we are sleeping in the house, we really wanted at least a toilet hooked up. The first two nights it was off into the woods in the middle of the night, last evening Dylan gave us all the instructions to hook up a toilet. So it was pretty darned exciting to hook it up last night, see if flush, sans any leaks.....

Ken and I are both working at the little clinic down the road now. It is just great, there is a lot that is going to go into initial setting up of clinic, but once it is complete, it will be great.
I work 2 days a week and he works 3 days. Currently he has to go into Chase to work in the ER once a week, so he is only here two days a week.
Just thought I would update the blog, as to our whereabouts.
Much Love

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