Monday, October 31, 2011

a song placed in a movie

Hi all

I have been meaning to write, but cannot get the pictures out of my camera, lost that little piece that is supposed to transfer the pictures
However in the mean time I have gotten some news that I think is pretty incredible.
Several of my songs have in the past been chosen to be place in "libraries" for companies who try to place songs for movies.
Today I was informed that my song "for whom" from the cd "For all of his wealth" has been chosen to be in the next Men In Black movie entitled "The Dark Watchers".
THe director/writer has written about me on the website

We have exchanged several emails since then and he is quite interested in my stuff. He seems to have a common "stealth activism" principal as me.
He said that though he writes Sci Fi movies, there is a deeper message, and this one is "back to the garden" sort of message, which I can see why he chose the song.
He says on the site that that song speaks to everything he believes in.

Yesterday we started on our geothermal heating system which involved pipes that circulate fluid 8 feet down in the ground, and will be our main source of heat.
I guess I do have lots to write about, but am so excited by this new news I am having trouble collecting my thoughts.

Anyways check out the site.
I phoned Josh and told him about it, and he said he would check out the movie, I said it would not be out until 2012 and he said, well the world will have ended by then.......




  1. Yes, wonderful news.

    It is a compliment both deserved and earned and also an accomplishment to be regarded frequently as you might a sparkling jewel in the palm of your hand AND it is a gift to the future and those who will dwell there.

    You and Ken are both fine musicians and also kind, caring and deeply intelligent people who are fun to be around. 'For Whom' is a kind, caring and deeply intelligent statement that is also a very fine work of art. And fun. It takes an attentive listener by the hand and leads him through distant bright limned lands showing what was thought a dream is real, and that our footprints precede us there.

    Millions of people are going to see this movie. If one in a thousand of them take this journey with you then that is how many thousands of students you will have taught this holy creed. This seed planted in those minds will grow strong and bear seed that will be passed on. Perhaps to the last day of Man. And perhaps, after our long run, when the Bees take to the fore, they too may sing your song and attribute the wisdom in it to something greater and more important than any or all.

    Maybe I am overstating the case. Perhaps you should ask Ken. He's pretty sharp.